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Magic Fort Building Kit

Magic Fort Building Kit

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This Is Amazing For Your Child's Imagination!

This Magic Fort Building Kit lets kids construct anything they please! Let your child see their ideas come to life.

Give them a fun indoor OR outdoor activity that will help keep them off the screens.

✔️Easily helps your child to grow their imaginations to high peaks.

✔️ Enlighten creativity by building a palace or their own house.

✔️Make learning fun through this interactive Fun Fort.

✔️Kids can make their own Resting Place according to their creativity and imagination. 

Endless Possibilities For Hours of Fun!

Our Fort Building Kit provides a great creative outlet for children to learn while playing. Kids can now work together to plan & solve problems and create different creative structures.

A Fun Private Space For Your Child

Once built, your child can use it as their own private play space.

Decorate it with sheets and cushions so your kiddo can use it to do homework, play or just relax! 

Magic Fort For Kids 

How To Assemble

6 simple steps to assemble and dissemble Magic Fort' Fort Building Kit. A building guide is included for easy construct.


66 PCS Pack Includes:

21 x Ball Connectors

45 x Sticks

1 x Building Guide 

155 PCS Pack Includes:

55 x Ball Connectors

100 x Sticks

1 x Building Guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Sunshine Mel
Loss of fun and imaginative for the kids

This kit is loads of fun for the kids! They had so much fun building it and choosing the shape to make. There are so many options! Each little ball has a myriad of holes in it so the sticks can aim different directions. The included carry bag is great as it can hold all the pieces together and be stored away without taking much space.

Sally S.
Hours of fun! Fort Builders with imagination

My kids haven’t stopped playing with this toy! They even packed it up ( in the nice backpack that comes with it ) and took it to grandmas house to play with over there. I really Love that it came with a carrying bag so it makes it so easy to store and doesn’t take up much room like some of their other toys do. This toy can be configured so many ways If you look at the video I posted You can see they currently have it set up like a tunnel they crawl through! They’ve had so much fun just add some blankets and it creates even more fun! This toy has endless possibilities and definitely will leave a lasting impression! 10 out of 10 in my book

Rachel C.
A really fun building toys

My kids love these kind of building toys. They used to play a lot of legos, but recently a 400+ pcs lego set doesn't seem to keep them busy long. Saw this toy and I know this is something that my kids would like. And I'm correct, they loved it!! They are playing with this everyday. The best thing about this is it could build a huge size of house that my kids can go in and play. They just build this castle today and all 3 of my kids (2y 6y 7y) can stay in there. I'm thinking to get one more set so they could build larger things.

Anakenzie K.
Great fun for any kid imaginations

Bought this item for my kids 2 and 5 years old. They both love it so much. The grandparents helped them build a fort and it was pretty easy and fun for hours of enjoyment. The sticks can be a little hard to pull out of the holes at times if you jam them in there but not a big deal. Super fun for everyone and it allows for the building of all kinds of things from boats to rockets to houses and forts. I'm definitely getting another set to add to it so that we can create even bigger creations. I would certainly recommend this product because its fun for the whole family and is easy to put away in a tote for future use.

Rosanna Navarro
Hours of indoor fun!

Do yourself a favor and buy the 120 piece it made two forts. one is big enough for my 9 year old and the other is big enough for my 4 year old with a couple pieces left to spare. This way they have their own forts and are able to change up how they like it. I personally as a mother love this concept and idea it keeps him busy and their minds going with the possibilities! Mother approved! We also live in a two bedroom two bath apartment so space is somewhat limited so I also like the fact that you can shape it to fit in corners and smaller areas!